Closed Job Advertising

Profile ad with targeted CV-match

SEK  5,995

To achieve the best possible match between a vacancy and the most qualified applicants, a targeted approach is sometimes called for. For just SEK 5,995, we design and publish your job ad and carry out a targeted and professional search for qualified candidates.

Multiuse ticket – Profile ads

Contact us for a quotation

Do you advertise often? Do you continuously have high recruitment needs? If so, you can buy a multiuse ticket. Contact us for a quotation.

The Meerkat

SEK  11,990

By posting your job ad in Jobbsafaris digital newsletter, you reach 130,000 active e-mail recipients. That is, in other words, a lot of exposure through this effective channel.

The Lion's Den

SEK  60,000/year

Are you often hunting for new employees? Then our new service The Lion's Den might be perfect for you. With a fixed Profile Advertisement using your logo at Jobbsafari, you get permanent exposure which creates recognition that is certain to make your brand roar.

All your job ads online

SEK  4,995

Would you like to increase the reach and visibility of your brand and at the same time reduce the time you spend handling job ads? Would you like to avoid long-term subscriptions and still have a low monthly fee? For just SEK 4,995 Jobbsafari will give you a professional company profile and all your job ads online on Jobbsafari

Social Booster

SEK  2,500

Make your Jobbsafari job ad complete with a Social Booster and reach millions of readers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ad production

SEK  3,125

Have one of our recruitment consultants draft a professional job ad that draws the right candidates.

Profile ads on our sites in Norway and Denmark

SEK 3,650

Profile ads on our sites in Norway and Denmark. is Denmark’s biggest job and recruitment site.

Do-It-Yourself Ad or One-Time Link


The job ad is published without a logo at the bottom of the relevant job category and geographic area. The job ad appears for 3 weeks and is then automatically deleted.

Closed Additional Exposure and Employer Branding


From sek  3,650

A Skyscraper provides you with great and targeted exposure. You can choose between three Skyscrapers – a Total Skyscraper, a Channel Skyscraper or a Category Skyscraper – depending on your needs.

Banner Ad

From sek  3,650

If you would like to be visible on our frontpage or need extra exposure for campaigns or an important recruitment process, a banner might be the right solution for you. You can choose between three banners – Front page banner, Channel page banner or Category page banner – depending on your needs.

Company Profile

SEK 10,000/year

Do you publish job ads and can you see the advantage of a cohesive and thorough presentation of your company? Would you like to give future employees a view of how your company is as a work place? If so, the Company Profile on Jobbsafari is for you.


Jobbsafari has assembled demands and specifications for size, statistics etc. for the job ads below "Additional exposure".

Closed Recruiting


From SEK 5,995 plus SEK 25,000

SemiSearch gives you the exact same benefits as a full recruitment process. We take care of the delicate and time consuming parts of the recruitment process for at set fee of SEK 5.995. Should the process lead to you hiring a candidate, an extra SEK 25.000 will be charged.

Search in the CV database

From SEK 3,650
No-cure no-pay

You can search for employees in our CV database, which contains over 10,000 candidates, without any charge. Inviting candidates for an interview is also free of charge. You only pay SEK 3,650 if you employ a candidate through Jobbsafari.

Jobbsafari QuickApply

Manage your next recruitment in a smarter, simpler and more professional way with Jobbsafari QuickApply, our free online application system.

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