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We work with control systems and analysis, model based development and software development. Our assignments contain challenges at the highest technical level and in our engineers you’ll find analytical minds, inventive souls and a can-do attitude.
What drives us is a passion for technology and a genuine commitment to people. This is manifested in our open-minded atmosphere, informal culture, and that we prioritize skills above background.
We are located in Gothenburg (HQ), Lund, Linköping. 

About You

Some people are fascinated by the idea of creating useful systems that act intelligently. And it does not matter if the intelligence is "merely" a simulation. You are one of those people.

If you like building software to solve meaningful problems, then we are really interested in meeting you.

• Are you capable of coming up with algorithms to solve a problem?
• Have you been working with Python in the last year or two? (or have you worked with it for a while before?)
• Do you have a reliable mathematics foundation?
• Are you proficient at implementing algorithms in Java/C?
• Have you built whole systems (or major parts of them) yourself?
• Graph theory does not scare you (and in fact, you think is pretty cool)?
• Can you prioritize your time and energy?
• Do you care for your career and see yourself as a person that will evolve as technology advances?
• Do you have a sense of humor?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, feel free to apply!


Areas of Interest

Algorithms. Computer Systems. Computer Science. Building, testing & deploying software.

You are either a Computer Scientist who found an itch for applying your reasoning and logics to solve real problems, or a Computer Engineer who went deeper into math. In either case, you love math and technology in general.

You will be expected to handle graphs and search algorithms like bread and butter. In addition to that, you are expected to at least navigate yourself around constraint satisfaction problems, planning algorithms, randomized algorithms and formalisms for temporal reasoning.


Must-have qualifications

• M.Sc. or Ph.D. in engineering with a focus on one or more of the following disciplines: Computer Engineering, Computer Science.
• Fluent in English and Python.
• You can write tidy and maintainable code (with just the right amount of comments, proper function names, usable APIs).
• You can show a wide range of technological interests due to projects in which you have participated. Informal projects are of interest as well.
• >=2 years of industrial or postdoc experience in relevant technological fields.

Nice-to-have qualifications

• Hobby projects!
• Experience in consultancy or customer facing roles.

About Us

Innovation is tough. Engineering challenges are a part of the day to day. We offer solutions.

An expert eye is always good, and it gets better if it’s an AI-powered, data-oriented eye. We are experts within Machine Learning, Analytics and AI. We help our customers with on-demand analytics, statistical modelling, KPIs and automatic resource planning & problem solving. From our roots in Control Systems we have progressively incorporated new technologies, always looking forward to provide smarter solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s industry.

For more open positions, please visit our homepage. This opening is ongoing, and we will hire as we find suitable enough candidates.


Lia Silva, Gothenburg, +46 (0)31 797 10 15

Welcome with your application!


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Combine Control Systems AB


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