Vice President and Partner


Do not miss the opportunity to become Vice President and Partner, LPI Sweden.

Build the Swedish business and be part of LPI’s global organization, supporting clients in implementing the Leadership and Specialist Pipeline concept in their way of developing, assessing, and selecting leaders and specialists.


The job that needs to be done

  • You will build LPI Sweden based on an existing international platform of clients, strong support in sales and operations from LPI’s European headquarters in Copenhagen, and road- tested products and solutions
  • We have a significant number of Nordic brand name clients and some of these are Swedish. You will expand the existing business but primarily focus on generating new business
  • With support from the European management team you will identify and pursue clients across Sweden. The sweet spot of clients are companies with +4,000 employees but in other Nordic countries we also have a large number of smaller clients
  • You will develop trusted relationships with clients and support them in strengthening their leadership and specialist pipeline as well as in mobilising their leaders in major transformation projects
  • You will work closely with our international organisation in order to set the right team for our Swedish clients and you will manage our various stakeholders in Sweden
  • You will be active in our major international and Swedish research projects

You will spend your time on:

  • Sales and marketing activities
  • Client management and consultancy for clients
  • Building and strategic positioning LPI Sweden in the Swedish market
  • 40 to 50 delivery days a year. Inside and outside Sweden.

Terms and conditions

You will have Partner status in the Swedish organization. Your compensation package will consist of a fixed salary, a cash bonus and share options.


In order to be successful you need to have:

  • A high degree of entrepreneurial spirit
  • A winning personality and a competitive nature
  • Hands-on approach to getting things done
  • Strong facilitation skills

In order to be commercially successful you have:

  • A strong network of Human Resource professionals enabling you to be introduced to the right people
  • A solid understanding of how a Human Resource function can add value to a business

Our brand recognition can open many doors, but at the end of the day people buy from people and you need to be the person who Human Resource people find value in talking to.

Your experience

What really matters is how you use your experience and not so much the experience itself.

However, some of the most successful people have 10+ years’ experience and have held positions like:

  • Head of leadership development
  • Head of learning
  • Head of talent management
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Chief consultant within leadership development
  • Headhunter specialised in search and selection of senior Human Resource people


  • The Managing Partner in Sweden reports to the European management team based in Copenhagen
  • Location in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo is preferred
  • Please direct any questions to: CEO, Kent Jonasen, +45 23 904944
  • Please forward your application to: Kent.Jonasen@LP-Institute.com

Headquarters: Bredgade 30, 1260 Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: info@LP-Institute.com
Webpage: leadershippipelineinstitute.com.


Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) is the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the Leadership Pipeline and the Performance Pipeline books. More than 300,000 copies of the books have been sold around the world. Stephen Drotter, co-author of the Leadership Pipeline and author of the Performance Pipeline, is Chairman of LPI. James Noel, co-author of the Leadership Pipeline book, is Vice Chairman of LPI’s parent company. Today, the Leadership Pipeline concept is perceived to have been one of the most influential leadership models throughout the last two decades. A significant number of the FORTUNE 500 companies have successfully implemented the Leadership Pipeline concept as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting, growing, and assessing leaders at all levels. Leadership Pipeline Institute has a team of highly qualified, multicultural, multilingual consultants around the world to support global clients.

Key facts

  • LPI is represented in +20 countries
  • LP has consultants located in +35 cities
  • LPI has delivery capabilities in 20 languages
  • People from +75 countries have been exposed to our programs

Our business has grown 400% over the past 5 years. We have dual headquarters in the United States and Europe. In order to be able to support global clients we have built regional hubs across the world. We bring a unique value proposition to our clients and we ensure that the impact of development initiatives are measured and documented. We protect our clients’ investments by designing and delivering development solutions that create sustainable results.

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