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You can now access parts of in English. There are still, however, some of our functions and some of our content that you will see in Danish. It is our plan to add more of our functions in English as we go. Some of our content, such as job ads, are, however, delivered by our clients, so we ask your understanding of that we don't have the resources to translate everything.

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Our mission is to help companies find the best candidates for the job, and job searchers to get an overview of available jobs in Sweden. We strive to be the best qualified in the area and to have the largest amount of job ads.

The most complete overview of jobs in Sweden means two main things for you if you are looking for a job in Sweden. Firstly, it gives you a unique opportunity to display your competences and job criteria to potential employers. And secondly, it gives you just as unique a possibility to look for a job. Jobbsafari gives you access to more than 30,000 job ads and 12,000 CVs on a daily basis and is thus considered to be the largest job market in Sweden.

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How to get the full Jobbsafari experience

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The search function gives you the option to narrow, expand, and vary your job search. Since we do not yet have an overview of jobs in English, you can simply type "you" in the search, and English ads will appear.

Get your own job agent
We recommend that you fill in your job criteria in our digital job agent. Whenver jobs match your criteria, you will be notified via e-mail.

Add your CV
Let the perfect company and job find you! Register your CV with Jobbsafari. Being the biggest database in Sweden also means that most of the major companies will post on this site and search through our database. Let them discover your CV. Follow our guide for English speakers, and your CV will be registered in no time.

At an increasing rate, Swedish companies are looking for people with international experience and good English skills. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take a look around Jobbsafari though the site is set up in Swedish. Let our guides for English speakers on this page help you along the way. Happy job hunting.

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